About The Disco Kings

Ladies and Gentlemen, Boys and Girls, we are pleased to announce the Toast of the Town! Straight from Studio 54, Gazzari's and Marilyn's Backstreet come The Disco Kings! Here at last! Transported through the annals of time and live before your naked, steaming eyes. Like Ali to boxing The Disco Kings are billed as The Greatest Disco Band of All Time!!!!

So put on your boogie shoes and get ready to do a little dance, make a little love...and get down tonight!!!

Years in the making and fate have forged together an assembly of unparalleled musical chemistry.

The Disco Kings are fronted by megalomaniacal lead vocalist Leapin' Leon Thunder, frantic-fingered six-string virtuoso Maurice Jivin' Johnson and the good time “let's have a party” attitude and musical wizardry of keyboardist Torbjorn "T-Bone" Andersson. The heart and soul of these sounds comes from the power pumping brothers of funk themselves: rock steady bassist Sean "Shooter" Taddeo and drumming wonder Sam D. Lite.

The Disco Kings will literally transport themselves thirty years into the present to bring you the absolutely funniest, sexiest and fantastically entertaining time you can imagine.

Their 70's tribute is completely live, authentic and self-contained. And as well as being fine musicians and true professionals they take great pleasure in performing.

Hence a quotable quip from Leapin Leon, "I'd like to think that anywhere this band plays we’d be credited for temporarily making it the happiest place on earth!"

You must experience the Disco Kings.